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Air-conditioning unit is an important part of our daily lives. It is the only thing that keeps us comfortable in all weather conditions. We often tend to ignore the regular maintenance it needs until it stops working completely.

Your air-conditioner has over 1000 components and over 50 types of things could go wrong, you might know few but nor all. That's why you need a professional to handle it.

Supa Air & Heat engineers are certified professionals who have received a detailed training on different types of Ac, its components how to fix it.

We specialize in:

AC Installation:

Before we undertake any installation projects we carry out a thorough cost - benefit implications analysis of the unit. This will help us in providing our customers with the most affordable and beneficial air conditioning plan.

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AC Repair:

Making sure that your air conditioner is functioning properly is very important for many reasons. You don't have to face the hot and sweaty summer or cold and chilly winters; your Ac will keep you comfortable no matter what the weather conditions is outside.

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AC Maintenance:

Your unit loses about 5% of overall efficiency in a year if it is not maintained. An air conditioner has to be regularly maintained so that it functions effectively. A well maintained unit will not only last longer but also save you on your bills.

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