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COOLING COST SAVINGS Reference: 12000 BTUH = 1 Ton

With FPL's Residential Air Conditioning program, it's easy to buy smart and efficient air conditioning or heat pump system for your home.

You'll have hundreds of dollars on the price of your new system. And the savings will continue for years to come, since a high-efficiency system means lower electric bills month after month. So while a high-efficiency cooling and heating system may cost a little more up front compared to less efficient system you'll recover the price difference in a very short time.

The table below shows the savings possible on your electric bill when you replaced existing inefficient air conditioning system with a high efficiency system.

Example Table 1:
This chart is calculated for a 36,000 BTUH (3-ton) system. If your system is larger or smaller, you can still get an idea of just how significant your savings can be. To determine how much you'll save each year, find the point where your present system's Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER (top of the table) meets the Seer of the new system you are considering (left side of the table.) (Equipment installed before 1980 generally has a SEER rating of 7 to 8. To get the exact energy-effisting system's SEER is 7, and you replace it with a system that has SEER 11.5, you'll save $507 a year on your electric bill.

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